About Me

Hi, everyone!  I'm Rose, and I'm delighted you're here!  Teaching is my second career, and I'm blessed to finally have been able to achieve a a dream that developed when I was a third grader. Miss Transue, my third grade teacher, was a very young teacher still working on her degree at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  She was working on a project in her reading methods class, and invited me to come to her class for a demonstration.  What I was demonstrating, I don't remember!  But the honor of her asking, the experience of having my teacher pick me up from my house in her car, taking me to her university class, and sitting on a tall stool in front of all those college students to read was forever etched in my memory.

I've been teaching now for over fourteen years. I hope that I've been successful through the years at kindling in my students' hearts the same burning desire to learn.

I've been married to the same wonderful man since the summer I graduated from high school. Together we have four children and six grandchildren.  Trust me--we're all pretty casual and laid back, but they are all the motivation I need to love, learn, and teach!

I'm also mom to a darling little fluff ball, Gracie, my three-year-old shih tzu.

I love coffee (decaf!) any time of day, but iced, please, in summer!  I love nature and walk frequently among the live oak trees on our five acres in the Texas Hill Country. Other than that, you'll find me either teaching my eager young fourth graders, or at my computer studying and writing curriculum for Rosie's Resources.

I'm a follower of Jesus. As someone on my Facebook page commented, I hope the love of the Lord OOZES from my soul and shines on all those around me. :-)

Thank you very much for stopping by!

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