Boom Learning Cards Are Now on Teachers Pay Teachers!

The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived! I'm so pleased to announce that Teachers Pay Teachers and Boom Learning have agreed that the coolest digital task cards EVER may now be sold on Teachers Pay Teachers. These inexpensive - yes - Super Cheap at this time! - digital task cards can be played on any device: white boards, iPads, phones, Kindles, other tablets, iPods, laptops, desktops - you name it!

You'll need a subscription to Boom Learning, but no worries! For a limited time, Boom is providing a one year subscription for free. After that, you can either continue your subscription to continue receiving premium features, or you can continue to play all your decks of cards forever for free with Fast Play:  Your Choice!

Here are a few sample pages.  This first provides practice with twenty common idioms.

 The next deck provides much-needed practice with revising and editing.

The next provides practice recognizing the structure of informational text.

Currently, Rosie's has twelve decks in our TpT store, but many more will be added  in the very near future. It's so easy to rotate them out throughout the year. I've used them at learning stations, on the white board in whole group, even in small group or individually in remedial lessons. Try playing a competitive game in teams on the interactive white board for test review. Kids love it!

Just to let you know, I'm super psyched to learn that I'll receive a free year's subscription to Boom! Learning just for writing this blog post.  How cool is that?  To see playable previews, click here, choose any deck, and click on the preview. Enjoy!

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