How to Energize Your Students with Easy Test Prep

I recently learned about a free (I love free!) site that is perfect for test prep or review any time of the year. You can find it at In three easy steps, you can have the most engaging test prep ever.

     1.  Create a free account at
     2.  Create a quiz.
     3.  Kids take the quiz on their laptops, iPads, Ipods, Iphones - any personal device.

Kahoot is great for questions that can be answered with an objective response, such as homophones, spelling, punctuation, equivalent fractions, or any underlying skill that is the foundation for kids being able to think critically.

When you create your account, be sure to write down your username and password so you can easily access your account later, during class.

There are 4 types of kahoots, but the quiz works best for test prep.

After you create the kahoot, you will write the quiz questions and answer choices. You may also drag an image to upload, but this is optional.

You may save your quiz either publicly or privately. Write down the kahoot number so you can easily find the quiz later.

In class, log in to kahoot. Here, you'll be glad you wrote down your username and password! Navigate to your kahoot number and project it for the whole class.

In class, on their devices, students go to and type in the kahoot number that you have projected.

Here's the quiz that will be projected during class, and . . . 

here is what the students' devices will look like. This kahoot used only two answer choices for each question, but you can have as many as four answer choices. If the correct answer is a red triangle, the kids press the red triangle to register their answer choice.

On the students' devices, correct answers show with a huge green screen, . . .

and incorrect answers show with a red screen so teachers can immediately identify students who need an explanation or reteach.

The kids are competing for the highest score, which shows on the teacher's projection screen.

Students in first, second and third places are awarded a digital medal on their own device.

Results are automatically saved for the teacher for your evaluation needs. They can be downloaded in an excel format.

I was completely impressed with this super cool way to review material. It's free, takes very little prep time, and the kids were completely energized due to the digital application and the competition. It's one of the easiest, most effective test prep applications I've seen. Many thanks to Mrs. Gamboa, in whose classroom I was a guest when she introduced Kahoot. I'd love to know if you give it a try!
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