Sentence of the Day

It's time to think about those daily routines in your classes for the coming school year. Here's a new freebie that will help, that I'm offering as a thank you to my followers. It's a routine that you can use in your class every day--Sentence of the Day.

Sentence of the Day is completely prep-free. You don't even have to photocopy anything. Just project it on the screen and have the kids write and edit the sentence in a section of their journals or on a piece of paper. Each week on Sunday, I'll post the five daily sentences on Pinterest, each in a separate pin for your ease in projecting. Follow my Pinterest boards so you can easily find the images. I'll also put a link here on my blog that links to the images on Pinterest.  If you want a complete resource that covers every language arts objective in both Common Core and the Texas TEKS, you can check out my Daily Language Reviews for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades that are used in over a thousand classrooms.

If a sentence a day is all you need, follow this blog and click here to find the sentences as they are posted throughout the year. Look for the hot pink Sentence of the Day Pinterest board. The answer key is right there in the comment section just below the image on Pinterest. It's an excellent daily warm-up, and it's free! Have a great school year!

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