A New Look for Pinterest

I've been on Pinterest for over two years, but I didn't realize how awful my page looked! I had over 100 boards, some of which I didn't use much and were repetitive. I've pared it down to about 50 boards (even though I need to add back a few more). I changed the names on some of the boards to make it more clear about the content on the board. Yes, I know some links will be lost, but I thought it was important enough to go ahead. My goal is to be a better pinner. I'll do that by:

1.  Repinning more informative links.

2.  Making my boards more relevant to teachers of upper elementary grades.

3.  Offer more, such as a Daily Sentence for editing. (That's what will be on my new board "Sentences.")

I wish I would have taken a screen short before the clean-up, but hind-sight.... Anyway, here's the new look. All the boards I created now sport a spiffy new cover with a clear title. The boards are arranged alphabetically. Does anyone arrange yours differently, eg, by relevance?? If so, I'd love to hear from you, because I wasn't sure which to do.

You can only see a few of the boards in the screen shot. I'd love it if you'd click on over to Rosie's Resources on Pinterest and let me know what you think. I'm itchin' to get some feedback! Thanks for looking!

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