No Prep, High-Thinking-Level Learning Stations

Most students need practice at a newly acquired skill for it to become entrenched in their long-term memories. That's why we have learning stations in our classrooms, right? Well, that, and to keep them busy with meaningful work while we work with students in small groups.

You can extend the same high level of thinking into your learning stations that you elicited during your whole-group instruction. Let's say I just taught my students the elements of fiction. I put either the same text or a different text that is on the level of students in the learning station. I also place the same questions I use in my lessons in the learning station. So, if I want students to practice recognizing the importance of the setting to the overall message of the story, I put the setting cards in the learning station. Students take their reading journals to the learning station and work together to write answers in their journals to the questions. The kids are already very familiar with the questions, so they are able to practice their newly acquired skill with their partners. And you have created a no-prep, high-thinking-level learning station.
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