Do You Record Your Pinterest Pins?

I used to think it was too much bother to record my Pinterest pins. It was so time consuming!  Besides, I couldn't seem to get a handle on how to make it an efficient process. And teachers need efficiency!  Tailwind mostly changed that for me.  Now I can schedule my whole week's pins in about a half hour. But I still wanted a master plan for which pins go on which boards, and when. This little form seemed to do the trick for me.

Pinterest Recording Sheet
You can download it here for free.  I printed one of the sheets for each of my Pinterest Boards. Then, I organized them in a binder.

Binder for Pinterest Records

I divided the recording sheets behind four tabs, depending on how many followers the board has. 

Inside the Binder

I also typed a list of my boards and put the list in a separate folder. 

The Table of Contents, kept separate for ease in finding the sheets in the binder

This is basically a Table of Contents that shows me where to find the recording sheet as I'm flipping through the pages of the binder to record the pins. I try to pin in consecutive order on the boards, in order to make recording them easier.  All-in-all, I now spend about an hour each week doing my Pinterest thing--a half hour to schedule, and a half hour to record the pins. And, I have a permanent record of where I placed each pin.

I'd love to hear from you if you have a tip or trick you use when working with your Pinterest boards!
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