Teacher Appreciation Week

Wonder why I'm posting a picture of a guinea pig for Teacher Appreciation Week?  It's in honor of my junior high school science teacher, Mr. Reese.  Mr. Reese allowed me to bring my guinea pig to live in our science lab.  Unfortunately, my little pet died unexpectedly.  I was so sad! I wondered how such a thing could have happened. Mr. Reese asked if I wanted to do an autopsy. So, several other young scientists and I stayed after school that afternoon to find the cause of my little companion's demise and performed the procedure. We found a large lump of corn lodged in her throat. At that time, I learned that fostering curiosity and discovery are at the heart of good teaching. So, from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you, Mr. Reese."  You are the teacher I'll never forget.

Who is a teacher you'll never forget?

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