Scheduling Pins on Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest account? Do you wish you had an assistant to help you pin throughout the day while you are busy teaching your little munchkins at school? I just discovered a very cheap way to do just that! It's called Tailwind, and it's an add-on app to your Chrome browser. Just Google Tailwind, and it will be the first site on your results list.  Or you can go to  After you download the app, you can link it to your Pinterest account, Facebook account, and Instagram. Tailwind will automatically tell you the best times for you to pin, based on analytics it reads from your Pinterest account.  You can add or delete times, if you want. Then, you go to your Pinterest account, and a Tailwind Schedule button magically appears! Just click the button, and Tailwind does all the rest!   I. Am. Ah. Mazed!!! You can schedule 100 pins for free, but I upgraded already. It costs $119 for one year, and you get unlimited pins.  Here's what my schedule looks like.
And this is how Tailwind shows me what pins I scheduled in those time slots for this week.
I'm excited about my new discovery! I'll let you know if I run into any snags.  
Happy pinning!

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