It's Friday Freebie Time!

Starting to think about next year's group of students? I'm always thinking of ways to improve my curriculum and instruction.  But I'm also continually looking for new ways to let kids know how much I care about them.  One way to do that is to make their birthdays memorable.  I make up little gifts in advance, during the summer.  Sometimes I put them in plastic bags. Other times I put them in a grab bag or basket so the birthday boy or girl may choose their own.  Decorated pencils are always a hit.  Here's a set of pencil toppers you can download for free.  (Free is always good!!)   Just print them on paper or card stock and laminate.  Use Scotch tape to tape them near the top.  Add an eraser to the top, and voila!  An inexpensive birthday gift that you can give to every child on his birthday.

If you enjoy your free download, please leave feedback. I love to hear from you!
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