Guest Activity

Did you ever run across a review activity that you just knew your students were going to love?
Well, check out this amazing collection of Jeopardy-style review games from my new TpT friend. It's a complete set of five PowerPoints, each covering Language Arts vocabulary and topics, such as genre, idioms figurative language, academic vocabulary, text structure, and many more. Jane Kotinek of Literature4U created these, and she's one smart lady! She's color-coded the games and slides to make your life easier. Jane also has great ideas for kids collecting points throughout the reviews and "spending" their points on super cool activities:  Duct Tape Room, Electronics Room, Minute to Win It Room.  Her students must love her!

Oh--and she's offering it for a ridiculously low price.  Suh-weet!!
So, click on over to Literature4U and and let me know how your students like it!
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