Three ways to make kids love your language arts lessons. 

I'm always looking for ways for my kids to love language arts. It can get pretty boring in the upper elementary classroom if you don't mix it up a bit. Here are three ways I mix it up for my students.
Number One:  Let students sit on top of their desk if they answer a question correctly with proper justification for their answer. Trust me, every kid will have his hand in the air to contribute!

Number Two:  Let students who need help choose a peer "coach." The coach whispers the answer and its justification in the other student's ear so the student can answer the question. Everyone is happy!

Number Three:  Use themed revising and editing passages. Try to find passages that are relevant to what your kids are interested in.  You can download some by clicking on the images below.

I'd love to hear from some fellow language arts teachers. What are some ways you mix it up?

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