My name is Rose Kasper, and I teach Language Arts to fourth graders in a small town in Texas. I first learned about Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) in August this year, just a couple of days before my students returned to school. I was immediately hooked! I'm not sure what to expect as I embark on this journey, but I know what I want to happen.  I want my students to learn joyously. I want them to look forward to coming to school each day because they can't wait to come to my class. As Coach B so aptly states, I want to be in Teacher Heaven! This is where I will write to record and discover what I am learning about becoming a WBT teacher. I invite you to join me, to observe me, to coach me, to comment on my successes and challenges, and to cheer me on!  My thanks to all the wonderful teachers at, but especially to the insightful genius professor, Coach B, for sharing his passion for WBT.  
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