Treasure Those Memories with a Special Memory Book

Need a super cute memory book for your kiddos? Here's one that I've used, and my students have always loved it. It's been completely overhauled to feature Super Cute Super Heroes.

I've used it two ways: Some years I give them a page at a time, and then they compile it when all the pages are finished. Other years, I've stapled the whole thing as I Xerox it, and the kids work on the pages in the order they want to. Both ways work, depending on your preference and classroom needs.

All pages are in black and white to accommodate printing in quantities. There are individual pages included for each grade level.

 Another cool thing about this is that it includes language arts and math activities, but the activities are not what you would use in your regular classroom. The language arts activities are mostly about summer.

Try using the ABC book activity as a research product. Students research a topic and write an ABC book to show their findings.

This Summer Fun acrostic can be completed in one class period.

The math activities are challenges and puzzles.

So, if you're looking for some ways to keep your kids busy as bees on a treasured keepsake, try the Rockin' Diary memory book that comes with a bundle of end of year activities.
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