Number Line Learning Station

Here’s a math station that I provide in my classroom for at least the first quarter of the year. A number line helps students build number sense and helps students with the ordering of numbers. In fourth grade, I introduce this number line during a whole group lesson on ordering decimals. On butcher paper, the students and I build the number line together as I ask questions to guide them. Then, on different colored sticky notes, I write some decimals. I distribute the sticky notes to a group of students. They place the decimals in order on the number line. The class records the order of the decimals in their math journals from greatest to least or least to greatest. Each group takes a turn. 

This activity then becomes a learning station. Using their math journals or paper on a clipboard, they can answer the questions that I post for the week. These are the questions I placed in the learning station this week.

This helps students with many skills:

                -ordering decimals
                -parts and wholes
                -equivalent fractions and decimals
                -how number lines work

This is a great learning station because it is big and it gives students a chance to stand and walk with a purpose in the classroom. In fact, my students beg to go to the number line station.  

Do you have a favorite learning station that builds number sense? 
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